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Ice Cream Awards Expanded

26 May 2011
- For the first time, TWO Supreme Awards were awarded at the annual New Zealand Ice Cream Awards, a Supreme Award for a Large Manufacturer, and a Supreme Award for a Boutique Manufacturer.

The change was made as a result of the big increase in the numbers of small gourmet ice cream and gelato manufacturers in the 2000's, and in acknowledgment of the fact that these small boutique manufacturers occupy quite different positions in the market to the major ice cream manufacturers (those producing more than 500,000 litres per year).

The inaugural winner of the Supreme Award for a Boutique Manufacturer was Takapuna Beach Café and Store (pictured above, photo by Chris Newey), for its Coconut & Lime Curd Gelato, described by the judges as "a clever blend of Thai and tropical influence blended perfectly with a smooth velvety texture".

2011 - Deep South Ice Cream launched stunning new packaging, incorporating the beautiful scenery of the Southern Alps. At the 2011 NZ Ice Cream Awards, Deep South Premium Vanilla won the Supreme Award for Large Manufacturers - judges awarded the ice cream perfect scores for creaminess, smoothness and flavour intensity.

Probiotic Ice Cream

April 2011
- The Gourmet Ice Cream Company, Dunedin, New Zealand, launched a new, world-first probiotic ice cream, developed in partnership with local biotechnology company BLIS Technologies.

The ice cream was designed to help protect against sore throats, cure bad breath and aid digestion, and contained around 10.4-per-cent milk fat, compared with the 28-per-cent milk fat of the company’s traditional super-premium recipe. Company owners Mark and Rae Scorgie said at the time that the new product had been a hit at retirement homes, boarding schools and hospitals.

BLIS Technologies purchased The Gourmet Ice Cream business in August 2011, and the BLIS K12™ retail range was launched:

BLIS Functional Foods Ltd operated The Gourmet Ice Cream Co. until February 2013, when they sold it back to the Scorgies. Unfortunately, the probiotic range has been discontinued.


Tip Top Turns 75

In 2010, Tip Top Ice Cream embarked on a $40 million project to enhance its product development capabilities and improve its working environment including a raft of new health and safety measures and extensive renovations at Tip Top Corner.

In 2011, Tip Top celebrated its 75th anniversary, with the original Trumpet girl Rachel Hunter, and various promotions including a free giveaway of 50,000 Jelly Tips.

November 2011 - In an ironic twist, Fonterra Brands, the parent company of Tip Top Ice Cream, won an appeal in court against a trademark registration by the owners of Dunedin's Tiptop Cafe.

Located on the corner of the Octagon, the Tip Top Cafe had been an institution in Dunedin for 75 years. Operated as the Sunshine Milk Bar by Albert Hayman, it became one of the original Tip Top milk bars in 1936, when Hayman's new Wellington milk bar venture with business partner Len Malaghan, Health Foods (NZ) Ltd, took it over.

The business had been renamed Tiptop Cafe and had moved five doors down the road, in Princes St, in 2007.

The Assistant Commissioner of Trade Marks Jenny Walden had originally given the green light for Tip Top Restaurant Ltd to register the trademark name for its cafe, ruling that its use would not be taken as indicating a connection with Fonterra (Tip Top ice cream) in the course of trade. "Within the New Zealand market there are currently three Tip Tops - bread, ice-cream and restaurant services," Ms Walden said.

Fonterra appealed, and in his decision to overturn the Tiptop Cafe trademark, Justice Young said: "The proposed expansion by [the cafe] raises the question whether this is an opportunistic application designed to trade on the existing Tip Top trademark and thereby advantage itself."

It seems ironic that the "existing Tip Top trademark" at least in some small part grew out of the very cafe that was being taken exception to!

The site of the original Tip Top Cafe in the Octagon is now occupied by the Alibi Bar.

17 July 2012
- Tip Top Ice Cream celebrated the conclusion of a two-year, $40 million site modernisation project, with a dawn lighting up of its new look building on Tip Top corner (above, photo courtesy of Tip Top). Once known for its rainbow stripes, the building now sports a fresh new look characterised by 600m2 of glass walls.

4 June 2013
- The International Ice Cream Consortium (IICC) awarded Tip Top Crammed Jammin’ Cream Donut the coveted award of "Best Ice Cream".

The IICC is a global authority in ice cream excellence with vast international manufacturing representation including Germany, UK, Norway, Spain, Croatia, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Iran and China.

Ice Cream with a Social Conscience

Tuesday 9 July 2013 - Joy Ice Cream Ltd launched Pride & Joy ice cream, selling from a custom-made, stainless steel cube-shaped "joy pod" on Coronet Peak skifield (above, photo courtesy of Joy Ice Cream).

Joy Ice Cream was co-founded by James Coddington, Tony Balfour, and Ross McCallum, who was one of the founders of Kapiti Cheese, and Kapiti Ice Cream, before selling to Fonterra.

A unique business model sets out to "entrepreneurize the unemployed". Pride & Joy supply their unique, shiny, silver "pods", equipped with freezers, at cost, to young, hand-picked "remarkable un-employees", giving them a helping hand into their own business. Pride & Joy ice cream is made locally in small batches from all-New Zealand ingredients, using milk from Green Valley Dairies, fruit from Barkers™ in Geraldine, and pure vanilla from Heilala™.

Timeline: 2010s

August 2013
- Deep South Ice Cream closed down the original Invercargill factory to consolidate production in their Christchurch plant, with the loss of 11 jobs.

November 2013 - in the ultimate Kiwi mash-up, Holy Moly Ice Cream and our favourite classic fizzy drink L&P teamed up to launch ‘L&P’OKEY’ flavour ice cream, featuring L&P Hokey Pokey and smashed Hokey Pokey pieces swirled through creamy L&P ice cream. ( ‘L&P’ and ‘Lemon and Paeroa’ are registered trade marks of Coca-Cola Amatil (N.Z.) Limited).

May 2015 - After a five year absence, Brian Simon, the 79-year-old Manda and Deep South brand founder and ice cream legend, returns to the ice cream business, consulting and churning out product from the old Deep South Rockdale Rd, Invercargill plant, for Christchurch-based company Dairyworks.

July 2015
- Jelly Tip July - a month-long, joint promotion saw Jelly Tip chocolate launched by Whittaker's, and Jelly Tip biscuits launched by Griffins. Whittaker's limited edition run of 850,00 x 250g blocks, intended to last for the month, sold out within two weeks.

                Whites Dairy, Devonport, long famous for scooping Auckland's biggest ice creams,
                receives a visit from the Tip Top delivery man, February 2016.

                - Chris Newey.

- Dairyworks purchased the Deep South ice cream business and discontinued its own ice cream brand in favour of Deep South.

13 May 2019 - Fonterra confirmed the sale of it's Tip Top ice cream business to Froneri, the third largest ice cream manufacturer in the world. European-based Froneri operates in 20 countries. Fonterra retained the global rights to the Kapiti brand.

March 2020 - Dairyworks (including the Deep South ice cream business) was acquired by Synlait Milk.

October 2020 - Synlait sold the Deep South ice cream business to Motueka-based Talley's Group.

6 December 2020
- Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel officially opened Ice Cream Charlie's brand new ice cream cart "Peggy". Peggy is a replacement for "Edith" the cart that had served up the company's famous vanilla ice in Victoria Square for the last 70 years.

February 2021 - the inaugural NZICA NZ Ice Cream Month, including Barker’s Favourite NZ Scoop Store and Taste of NZ Summer promotions. Radio NZ's Karen Hay featured this website on her programme: "Scooped: The history of ice cream in New Zealand".

April 2021 - Emerald Foods was purchased by Hart family food business Walter & Wild. Emerald manufactures well known ice-cream brands New Zealand Natural, Killinchy Gold, Zilch and Chateau, as well as the licence to operate the Movenpick brand in this country.

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Legends of the Industry

                        Bob Fyfe
(10 January 1927 - 20 June 2017)

                       - Photo: Shona McCahon.

Robert Clark "Bob" Fyfe worked for Tip Top Ice Cream as part of General Foods Corporation (NZ) Ltd for many years, and was President of the NZ Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association from 1979-1982.

After 25 years of dedicated service to the industry Bob Fyfe was awarded Life Membership of the NZICA in 1983. The strength of the NZICA owed much to Bob's interest and dedication, and his consideration and understanding of the problems of all manufacturers irrespective of their size.

                    Owen Norton
                  - Photo: Shona McCahon.

Owen Norton was born into the family ice cream business, Westland Snowflake Ice Cream Ltd, in Greymouth, and was working in it from the age of 15. He later managed Snowflake, which became one of the country's longest continuously operating ice cream companies, serving the Coast and well beyond for over 80 years.

Owen worked continuously for the NZ Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association for over 30 years, maintained strong relationships with other manufacturers, and was a very valuable ally of the industry. At one stage, when the Association was in peril of dissolving, Owen, together with Bob Fyfe, was responsible for ensuring the Association continued to exist. Owen was President of the Association from 1972-1977.

Owen was made a Life Member of the Association in 1992.

           Brian & Jeanette Simon

Brian's father was an ice cream manufacturer and Brian joined the family business, Newjoy Ice Cream in Dunedin, at age 15, and worked there for 10 years. He then went farming for a few years and in 1963, with his wife Jeanette, founded the Manda Ice Cream Company in Invercargill.

In 1979 the family sold the Manda business and factory, and started up a new Invercargill-based business, Deep South Ice Cream. Deep South opened a brand new export-accredited factory in Hornby, Christchurch in September 1999, the only manufacturer at that time, besides Tip Top, to operate two plants.

It could be argued that the Simons were the country's best ice cream makers of their day - under their management, Deep South won the Best In Category for Standard Vanilla Ice Cream at the NZ Ice Cream Awards six years running, and a further two Best in Category's for Premium Vanilla Ice Cream.

Brian was President of the NZ Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association from 1986-1988. In 2003, Brian and Jeanette Simon were awarded Life Membership of the NZICA for their long association and contribution to the industry.

                     John Murphy

John purchased Mel-O-Rich Products Ltd when it was just a small factory behind a milk bar in Miramar, Wellington. He built up the business, establishing a new factory in Park Road in the mid-80s, and achieving North Island-wide distribution and export capability. In 2000 the business was re-launched as The New Zealand Ice Cream Company Ltd.

John held the position of President of the NZ Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association for two terms (1994-1998) so he could finalise the harmonisation of Ice Cream Standards with the New Zealand Government and Australian Authorities. He was also instrumental in implementing the first New Zealand Ice Cream Awards competition.

In 2004 Life Membership of the NZICA was conferred on John Murphy for his tremendous efforts and contribution to the industry through a difficult time affecting the survival of the Association and industry.

                    Murray Taylor

Murray originally worked for Tip Top Ice Cream as a food technologist, before leaving in 1977 to purchase New American Ice Cream, with business partner Russell Bond.

Murray was Managing Director of New American Ice Cream through its period of rapid expansion, then MD of United Dairy Foods, and later, Technical Manager for Fonterra Brands (Tip Top).

For several years he was a Director of OOB Ice Cream Ltd, manufacturing organic ice cream.

He is often called “Mister Ice Cream”.

Murray was President of the NZ Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association from 1984-1986, and a long-standing member and chairman of the Technical Committee. Murray was responsible for developing the Ice Cream Industry’s own Code of Practice, and has contributed enormously to the research and development of the New Zealand ice cream industry.

Murray was made a Lifetime Member of the NZ Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association in 2009.
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