The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association
The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association
The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association was incorporated in 1927 - first members at that first meeting were W.A. Fisher, Frozen Products, Wellington; P.H. Ferguson, Robinson Ice Cream Co., Auckland; and H. Turner, Crystal Ice Cream, Dunedin.

The first elected Chairman and President was H. Turner.

This report on the 1931 annual NZICMA Conference appeared in Wellington's Evening Post, , 3 August 1931:


The fourth annual conference of the New Zealand Wholesale Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association was formally opened last week by the Minister. of Health (the Hon. A. J. Stallworthy). Mr. H. Turner presided.

Mr. Turner referred to the cordial cooperation which existed between the association's members, and the Department of Health, and said he felt sure that it would continue. The members present represented the principal manufacturers from Auckland to Dunedin, whose capital interests were in the region of £500,000. The production of 600,000 gallons of ice cream annually absorbed the output of a huge herd of cows, and when it was remembered that in order to secure milk and cream of the maximum purity and quality, the industry paid a price that was at least 25 per cent, higher than the ruling rates for butterfat, it could be seen what a valuable, adjunct this was to the dairy industry, especially as it was during flush periods, when the dairy farmer had to accept a very low price, that the bulk of the industry's requirements were purchased.

Mr. Stallworthy referred to the activities of the association, and said, that, in his opinion, it deserved great credit for its resourcefulness during the present difficult times. The ice cream industry was an important adjunct to the dairy industry, and should be fostered in every possible manner. He was pleased to have the president assure him that the Department of Health and the association were working in closest co-operation, with a view to conserving the interests of the public. The chairman assured the Minister that one of the main objects of the association was the improvement of the condition, of manufacture, of ice cream, and the safeguarding of the public health. The executive's annual report and statement of accounts were adopted.

The following remits were carried:-
" That a further endeavour be made to have the vital statistics in connection with, the industry prepared .for specific mention in the. New Zealand Year Book."
''That efforts be made to have removed various anomalies which exist under the Police Offences Act in relation to the industry."
''That an official insignia or symbol be adopted for the use of association members only, indicating that membership may be considered representative of the high standard of quality of their products. for which the association stands."
" That the executive lose no opportunity of co-operating with the Department of Health in an endeavour to ensure the most perfect hygienic conditions in the manufacture, delivery, and sale to the public of all ice cream products."
" That the Department of Health be again approached with the request that preparations containing. less than the standard quality of butterfat be designated on sale as 'water-ices' instead of 'ices' with a view to more fully "protecting the public against the possibility, of purchasing an inferior article of doubtful nutritious value in the belief that it is a form of icecream.'
''That the Commissioner of Taxes be deputised with a view to a complete review of rates of depreciation on ice cream plants."
" That the Railway Department be approached with a view to eliminating various anomalies which exist with regard to railway rates."

Mr. F. Wise, of Gisborne, read an interesting paper illustrating the successful results of modern ice cream manufacturing methods in the sterilisation of milk and cream, thus providing a very vital factor in conserving and protection of public health.

It was decided to hold the next conference at Wellington. The election of executive officers resulted: Messrs. H. Turner (Dunedin), W. A. Fisher (Wellington), and P. Wise (Gisborne). Mr. Turner was elected president, and Mr. H. R. Ayers (Wellington), secretary.

Photo: New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association Silver Jubilee Conference, Christchurch, 1952.

By 1953, the Association could claim 49 manufacturing members and 30 associate members.

The Association published its own magazine, "The Frostee Digest" from 1940 until 1972.

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First Chairman and President, Mr H. Turner

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