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Oobie Joobie - organic meets nostalgic

(22 March 2017) New Zealand's childhood favourite now available in all organic

OOB Organic has added a drop of nostalgia to their premium Ice Cream range with their latest innovation - Oobie Joobie Ice Cream.

Knowing the special affinity and nostalgia Kiwis have for gum drops, OOB Organic has used the genuine article as the special ingredient in their new organic ice cream.

The perfect combination of chewy jubes and a bubble-gum flavoured ice cream, Oobie Joobie Ice Cream is the most delicious way to enjoy a New Zealand summer.

"We know how much Kiwis love classic ice creams from their childhood, so we wanted to create a premium organic version for all to enjoy" Shannon Auton, Co-founder of OOB Organic, says.

Like all OOB Organic products, every ingredient in Oobie Joobie Ice Cream is 100% certified organic - right down to the jubes.

"We conducted a global search for organic jubes, but in the end it was a local manufacturer that delivered the real thing," Auton says.

Oobie Joobie Ice Cream is the 12th flavour in the OOB Organic Ice Cream range - the only certified organic ice cream offered in New Zealand supermarkets.

Available in selected supermarkets nationwide in three sizes to suit any occasion: 120ml (RRP $2.99), 470ml (RRP $6.99) and 850ml (RRP $11.99).

For further information on this new product and other delicious offerings from OOB Organic, visit or check out OOB Organic on Facebook and Instagram

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