The New Zealand Ice Cream Association
The New Zealand Ice Cream Association
Patagonia Chocolates Limited

We are a small team of Passionate people, dedicated to bringing you the natural goodness of chocolate in the classic Patagonian homemade style. We make our chocolates in our stores, where you can experience the magic of chocolate creation firsthand. Experience the raw goodness of chocolate mixed with the finest local natural produce, see the time honoured patient art of Rama making on a cool marble slab, or indulge in the rich dark hot chocolate. Take time out to join us in our stores in Arrowtown and Queenstown.

Products & services: Handmade chocolates, 30 flavours of handmade ice cream, hot chocolate drink.

Brands: Patagonia

Contact: Alejandro Gimenez
Patagonia Chocolates Limited
31 Ramshaw Lane, Arrowtown
PO Box 1067,

Tel: +64 3 409 8584

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