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The New Zealand Ice Cream Association
2002 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards

The sixth NEW ZEALAND ICE CREAM AWARDS were held in association with the NZ Ice Cream Manufacturers' Ass'n. annual conference, in Auckland, on Friday, 21st June 2002.

124 entries were submitted by 18 ice cream manufacturers for judging by two international expert judges, Dr Alan Smyth of Melbourne, Mr Lionel Poyen of Singapore and also dairy sensory evaluation expert, Miss Kay McMath of Auckland.

Entries were in 7 categories which included 'Kids Choice', judged by three local primary school children.

The Supreme Award is given to the most outstanding ice cream across all categories and this year was awarded to Kapiti Cheeses Ltd with a score of 99¾ points out of a maximum of 100.

The Supreme Award winner is Kapiti Cheeses Ltd with their 'Fig and Honey' Premium Ice Cream. 

Photo: Supreme Award winner, Kapiti Cheeses Ltd - Peter Murphy and Andrew Trevis with their trophy

The kids were unanimous in their selection of Lollies and Jelly made by Talley's Frozen Foods Ltd.

The winner of the Open Creative Category was Kiwi Ice Cream Co Ltd with their Fruity Summer Crush. This category had the objective of trying to encourage entries from hotels, restaurants and catering establishments as well as manufacturers.

Dr Smyth, who has over 20 years experience judging at ice cream competitions and has judged all previous New Zealand Ice Cream Awards, said that he was disappointed this year at the quality of the vanilla ice cream which was evidenced by no entries receiving Gold Awards in this category.

The judges again reiterated the point that New Zealand has some of the best dairy products in the world and the industry needs to reflect this in their ice cream. The whole purpose of the Awards is to encourage continuing excellence in quality and innovation of flavours.

A full list of the 2002 Awards is here.

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2002 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards category winners and full list of Awards.

2002 Supreme Award

Fig & Honey
by Kapiti Cheeses Ltd

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