The New Zealand Ice Cream Association
The New Zealand Ice Cream Association
2004 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards

The eighth New Zealand Ice Cream Awards were announced at the NZICA Annual Conference in Cairns on Friday, 18th June 2004.

143 entries were submitted by 12 manufacturers for judging by three expert judges, Mr Garry Baker from Sydney, Ms Kay McMath and Ms Christine O’Sullivan from Auckland.

International judging guidelines were followed with each ice cream being awarded the maximum possible marks of 100 and from this points were deducted for various imperfections in each of 4 areas:
Appearance defects
Body and texture
Flavour defects
Melting defects

Entries were in 8 categories which included an Export Category (to include/exclude packaging) and a category for Kids Choice.

A new category was established for the first time this year to include the growing number of gelato/gelati and sorbet and low fat products.

The Kids Choice is judged by children - this year selected from a rural school, Alfriston, in South Auckland. The kids, three boys and three girls, aged 7 - 13, couldn’t believe their luck to score “their dream job”.

The Supreme Award is given to the ice cream with the highest score across all categories. This year the award went to the winner of the Premium Category with a score of 99 points.

The Supreme Award for 2004 went to Emerald Foods Ltd for their Heavenly Treats Passionfruit Sorbet

The kids were very analytical in their decisions and scoring, but overall their most preferred ice cream was Cookies and Cream 100% Natural Ice Cream made by Rush Munro’s of NZ Ltd of Hastings.

The Export Category was sponsored by NZ Trade & Enterprise who provided a cash prize. The winning product was Monte Bianco Almond Caramel made by Emerald Foods Ltd.

In the Open Creative Category the award went to Tip Top Ice Cream Company Ltd for their Caramelised Macadamia Nut ice cream. Entries in this category were not eligible for the Supreme Award as the products do not have to be commercially available. This is to encourage entries from hotels, restaurants, food institutes and other catering establishments.

The new category this year for Gelato/Gelati/Sorbet and Low Fat ice cream attracted an impressive 30 entries. The quality of the products was exciting with some wonderful natural, authentic fruit flavours being captured in these frozen treats. The category is growing fast with consumers enjoying the superior quality of fruit flavours possible in these formulations.

The judges complimented the manufacturers on improvements from last year. Texture defects of stickiness and gumminess were much reduced this year and those defects present were not so obvious to lose more than one point in most instances. Workshops were held at the Conference to train the manufacturers in some of the more common ice cream faults. All manufacturers agreed the experience was very enlightening and educational in demonstrating the judging process and scoring systems.

Comments from the judges indicated that it was much easier to score well in Standard ice creams without inclusions as the more complex the products, the more features there were to judge and fault. Vanilla ice cream without inclusions is New Zealand’s show piece of our superb dairy ingredients and manufacturing expertise and Deep South’s Vanilla continued its winning run of Gold Awards.

Ice cream provides an excellent carrier for some of the world’s best fruit flavours and the judges commented that while it was great to see the use of local fruit such as feijoa being cleverly used, the inclusion of berryfruits was disappointing. New Zealand has some of the best berryfruit in the world and yet this was not reflected in the flavours of some of our berryfruit ice creams. The use of tropical fruit flavours such as mango and passionfruit has also increased as consumers become more familiar with the characteristics of the fresh fruit.

Creative use of meringue pieces carefully added to ice cream mixes after churning worked well to add variety in both texture and flavour and bought the meaning of pavlova and ice cream a whole step closer.

The entries proved to be an excellent vehicle to demonstrate the skills and talent of our manufacturers, their product development teams and our supply of quality, fresh, flavoursome ingredients from our dairy, horticultural and flavour and confectionery industries. The Ice Cream Awards will continue to promote excellence and innovation in the industry.

A full list of the 2004 Awards is here.

Photos of the 2004 Awards presentations and winners here.

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2004 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards category winners and full list of Awards.

Photos from the 2004 NZ Ice Cream Awards presentations and Dinner.

2004 Supreme Award

Heavenly Treats Passionfruit Sorbet
by Emerald Foods Ltd

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