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2010 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards

(20 May 2010) The 14th New Zealand Ice Cream Awards were announced in Tauranga on Thursday, 20th May 2010.

Who said that things that were good for you could never taste good ? The winner of the 2010 New Zealand Ice Cream Supreme Award disproves this theory. For the first time in it's 14 year history, the winner is a blend of low fat yoghurt and ice cream which is 97% fat free.

Tip Top Creamy Yoghurt Ice Cream Strawberry made by Fonterra Brands (Tip Top) Ltd had all the flavour of fresh strawberries and cream with all the healthiness of low fat. The yoghurt and ice cream blend was described by the judges as very smooth and creamy in texture with a natural strawberry flavour. Not only great to taste, but good for you to eat !!

In its 83rd year, the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association (Inc.) managed to retain the same level of interest in the Awards despite the economic climate over the past year. Entry levels were as high as last year (228 entries) coming from a range of large corporate companies as well as small owner operators of retail outlets.

The main judging of the New Zealand Ice Cream Awards was undertaken during the last week of April at the Massey University campus, Food Technology Department in Albany, Auckland. The Chief Judge Kay McMath and her team of five judges took two full days to judge the large number of entries split over the 11 categories. Largest categories were those for Premium Ice Cream and Sorbet and Gelato, and it is encouraging to see the smaller manufacturers endorsing the Awards with multiple entries.

The judges used international judging criteria with each ice cream being awarded the maximum possible marks of 100 and from this points were deducted for various imperfections in each of 4 areas:
Appearance defects
Body and texture
Flavour defects
Melting defects

As well as winning the Supreme Award, Fonterra Brands (Tip Top) Ltd also won the Best in Category for Standard Ice Cream with Inclusions, with their Tip Top Boysenberry Ripple Ice Cream, and the Kids Choice Category.

The children from View Road School at Waiuku took their role of judges of the Kids Choice Category very seriously. Each of the kids had to earn their place on the judging panel by describing "why I would make a good ice cream judge". Hard to separate their efforts - 7 boys and 7 girls pitted their taste buds on 16 different ice creams entered into the Kids Choice Category. Flavours ranged from pineapple lump gelato, juicy fruit chewing gum ice cream with gum drops, to jaffa and orange ice cream. The children were earnest in their criticism of the entries with both ends of the scale being used (Yuk to Yum) and not often in between. The boys had their favourites as did the girls, however the entry with universal kids appeal was awarded to Tip Top's Goody Goody Gum Drops as the winner of the Kids Choice Category.

Creativity was alive and well in the Open Creative entries. These entries are created by chefs, technologists and students - for those ice creams, gelatos and sorbets not available in the retail market. Some of the more unusual ice cream flavours included roasted black sesame and chilli; basil in a custard base; Irish Coffee; and avocado and pistachio nuts. The only Gold Award of the Open Creative Ice Cream Category was a Christmas Pudding flavour ice cream made by Kiwi Ice Cream Company Ltd.

The Open Creative Category for Gelato and Sorbet was a close contest in creativity between cardamon and orange gelato with plum compote pieces created by Takapuna Beach Café & Store, and a yoghurt and lemon curd gelato. The latter product made by Jamie Mew of Valentinos just pipped the former products to be the overall Best in Category winner of the Open Creative Category.

The Premium Ice Cream category was the other class with a large number of entries (46). These ice creams, with their higher fat content, are more indulgent and can carry flavours more intensely than their Standard counterparts. Gold Awards were only presented to Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate, and Mövenpick Maple Walnut ice cream made by Emerald Foods Ltd, with the Best in Category Premium Ice Cream being awarded to Mint Choc Magic made by Wendy's Supa Sundaes.

The New Packaging Category (for new packaging introduced in the last 12 months) included packaging, shippers, outers and product containers. The joint Best in Category for New Packaging had real "kid appeal" and was awarded to Kiwi Ice Cream Company Ltd for their ice cream birthday cakes with Barbie decorations for girls and Pirates for boys.

A full list of the 2010 Awards is here.

Photos of the 2010 Awards presentations and winners here.

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2010 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards category winners and full list of Awards.

Photos from the 2010 NZ Ice Cream Awards presentations and Dinner, May 20, Tauranga.

2010 Supreme Award

Tip Top Creamy Yoghurt Ice Cream Strawberry
by Fonterra Brands (Tip Top) Ltd

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