The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association
The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association
Emerald Foods Ltd

Manufacturer of premium ice cream and desserts. Maker of New Zealand's leading super premium brands - New Zealand Natural, Mövenpick and Killinchy Gold.

Products and services: An extensive range of super premium ice creams, sorbets and desserts. Emerald Foods also manufactures private label products for companies. Emerald Foods leverages its expertise to develop new ice cream and dessert products to develop its strategic partners businesses, and exports throughout the Asia Pacific region. A range of packaging solutions are available to match production capabilities.

Brands: New Zealand Natural, Mövenpick, Killinchy Gold, Lite Licks (Dairy Free Frozen Dessert), Zilch (no added sugar and reduced fat ice cream), Chateau Premium Ice Cream.

Contact: Trevor Pickard

Emerald Foods Ltd
1 Accent Drive,
East Tamaki,

Tel: +64 9 274 6168
Fax: +64 9 274 8396

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Lite Licks (Dairy Free Frozen Dessert)
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